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The Playmore who?!

The Playmore

The Playmore is one of the most outrageous, challenging and exciting attempts to bring absolute freedom into music: it is a constant struggle to find harmony starting from four completely different entities, playing more than what is primarily and implicitly established.

After several live performances and intense studio sessions along the last two years, The Playmore approaches the Massive Arts Studios in Milan where the band records its first album, Pump Rock.

It represents an energy overflow meant not to destroy but to create, the one that makes you start tip-tapping your feet and dance and jump. On a musical way, it becomes a stream that mixes tight bass and drum grooves with keen slaps-and-snares, high melodics and enhancing guitars, a soft and warm voice that ranges from powerful shouting to tender songwriting moods, flowing into a solid rock & dance style.

BRO JOE (Bear of love)
Rough drummer, he pumps to practical conclusions and concrete results mixing together wrathful shades and a tender heart. About him there’s a rumor that tells he’s actually a rapper in disguise with hundreds of partnerships with the best DJs in the world behind, and sooner or later he will explode with his solo project. Habitué of a differently applied punctuality, he does not smooth the edges but always directs the reins on solid and essential aims.

MARFZ (Geek)
Bassist and geek of the band, he’s responsible for electronic contraptions and technological improvements. Always informed on the last hi- tech gadgets, he’s been the first man applying the patent “PUMP ROCK” on his own hair with excellent results and outstanding stability. Graphic designer of the band, he has a special gift to extinguish different types of enthusiasm but is always careful when something goes wrong and acts accordingly.

GIAN (Wozy guru)
He comes in silence as one who is clueless about everything and leaves you free to find out what comes next: prepare yourselves to anything when he starts talking. Guitarist and chancellor of the group, his famous metaphors created ad hoc during the meetings of the band solve burning issues or open new unpredictable ones. Could it be a joke or a great idea, whatever comes out the intensity is guaranteed!

PIE (Troublemaker)
Unanimously self-elected troublemaker of the band, he’s the voice and the striker ram. Volcanic and resistant, he solves many thorny problems - including those that he himself creates - with a stroke of a pen and a call to experts. Unstoppable and lunatic, give him room and get ready to contain him, especially if you’re at a party!


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